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Develop your software business as well as your software


Build, test and commercialise your ideas​

PYXI is a platform for developing software businesses. We provide easy-to-use solutions that help entrepreneurial developers create their software applications and get them into market.

We've done the heavy lifting on technology - so you don't have to​

Jump-start the creation of your apps without traditional coding

Everything you need to get your software into the market and start selling it


Some apps built and running with PYXI​

With PYXI, you can get an app up and running in next-to-no-time. Here’s a few examples of applications built in PYXI.

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Don't just take our word for it!​

Here’s what some of our current community of developers have been saying about PYXI.


We used the forerunner to PYXI to manage the support operations in our business


I’ve just been amazed how quickly I got to know the development platform, and I had a prototype app up and running in no time

Nigel D

I’m the original founder of PYXI – my team is delighted to be sharing the platform with you

Phil B

So excited about the PYXI application platform

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