It starts with an idea

What's the problem you're going to solve?

Something you know, or you’re passionate about. Maybe both? You probably can see a gap that your knowledge or passion could plug. PXYI can help you translate your idea into a software application, and into a business.

How it works

1. From idea to application

Create a high level design for your first app: Who are your target customers ? What is their need? How your app is going to address that need? Why is your app going to be different to any other solutions and why will your target customers choose it? What are the main pieces of functionality your app is going to have?

2. From whiteboard to dashboard

If you can draw it, you can ‘code’ it! So draw your workflows. Draw your dashboards. Draw how your data model will fit together. Draw the automation, rules and steps you might need.’ Build the model and workflows into PYXI using our low code engine. Load some data, test it, refine it, finish it.

3. Launch your app to the market

Test your application with multiple users. Get feedback and improve it. Work out the commercial parameters. Set up your sign-up processes. Launch and promote.

4. Grow your business

Support your customers to onboard and extend their usage of your solutions. Build your app further by adding new functionality and features – or go for the next one!

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