We help our developers turn their ideas into commercial software applications.


We believe that software has the potential to transform business performance, but also that software cannot be all things to all people – rather, we see the opportunity for highly tailored and valuable domain-specific offerings to be developed by those people who understand the needs in their own space.

We believe that developing the software should only be part of the approach – creating an actionable plan to get your customers onto a working, paid-for solution is of equal importance.

We are entrepreneurs ourselves. And we’ve worked across the spectrum from small companies to large corporates, so we’ve designed our platforms with robustness and agility in mind.

This means:

(i) our platforms incorporate best practice from big firms to be deployed into end markets

(ii) we apply our business sense and knowhow to ensure our developers have the best chance of succeeding even when working in small, attractive corners of the market.

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