Commercial Model

PYXI is always free to use when you are developing and testing your software solutions.

Once your solutions are up-and-running - and earning you income - we have a simple and fair revenue-sharing model.


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Unlimited use of platform

Unlimited number of apps

Multi-user test

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Commercial Use

Commercialise your apps

Income before fees

Simple revenue share model

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For enterprise customers

PYXI for your internal apps

License-based model

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Getting Started FAQs

  • How do I get PYXI?

    Simply sign-up here on our website for your free account. There is no software to download - the whole environment for developing and commercialising your apps is online.

  • What should I do first?

    The quickest way to learn PYXI is to dive straight in. Log into your account, and explore some of the sample apps to get an idea of how it all works. If you already know what your first app is going to be, watch our 'Build a proof of concept' tutorial inside PYXI.

  • Can I really develop and commercialise an app without coding skills?

    Yes. PYXI takes away the 'heavy lifting' of coding, and the complexity of hosting, running, and supporting your final apps. Do you need skills? Yes, of course - but your focus will be more on understanding what functionality will appeal to your potential customers and aligning PYXI's existing feature set to met those needs.

  • How long will it take to get my app ready?

    Of course, this will depend on how simple or complex your app is, and how much time you have free to work on it, but most people can learn the system and get a working application going in a few weeks. Most of our developers find it viable to develop their apps - and their future business - in their 'spare' time.

  • Is PYXI really free?

    The whole time you're developing your apps, PYXI is free. It's also free to test your app with multiple users on a non-commercial basis. Once you have an app that you want to start charging for, you'll be able to use PYXI's billing engine to invoice and collect money from your customers. At that point, we have a simple and fair revenue share model.

  • Can I make a business out of my apps?

    Absolutely - we really hope so! Our reason for being is to provide the tools to allow just that. If you really know your onions in your business sector or area of interest, or simply have a great idea for an untapped market, then PYXI is the way to get your app to market.

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