API – Get Metadata for a Record Type

action – metadata

This action provides all the readable metadata for a given Record Type. This can be a built-in Record Type or one that has been added to this account by adding a RecordType record. Note that, in either case, the metadata listed here will include any Fields created for that RecordType, and will respect the security restrictions of the user for which the API call was made.

The metadata response variable contains a list of elements where each key is a metadata field name and its array is information including some or all of title, type, editable flag, required flag, unique flag, length, record type (e.g. of linked records), set (being display set for field grouping on user interface output)

Sample Request

{ "account": *** your account id ***, "apikey": "*** your api key ***", "action": "metadata", "recordtype": "person" }

Sample Response

{ "success": true, "metadata": { "FirstName": { "title": "First Name", "type": "text", "editable" : true, "required" : true, "length": 250, "set": "Details" }, "LastName": … } }