Field Order and Grouping (Display Sets)

Display Sets

The order in which fields and other items (such as Steps) are arranged on a record page is managed by Display Sets.

A Display Set is a group of fields shown together in a box with a given title. On a Form, the same group of fields is shown as a collapsible Field Set with the same title.

You control where a Field is displayed by stating the Display Set title in the SetName field, and can optionally specify its order within that Set by stating the name of the field after which it should appear (in the DisplayAfter) field (or set DisplayAfter to top to have the field shown as the first field in the Set).

You can control the Colour of a set’s heading (provided it is a Set that only contains Fields i.e. not a Set that already contains fields built-in to PYXI) by specifying the SetColour field with a valid colour. Note that only the first colour defined for a set will be used. It is good practice to specify the SetColour on all the fields that you add to the Set, in case any of them are withheld from display by a ShowCalc – you would still want the Set Colour to take effect regardless of which combination of fields gets shown.

Display Set Size and Order

As a Developer, you should not worry about the order in which DisplaySets are presented to the user, or their size (width on screen). The user is given complete control to re-order DisplaySets by dragging them around the screen, and/or to re-size them using the increase/decrease size tabs on the side of each DisplaySet. Each user’s choice is retained permanently, so you can and should expect that different users will organise their DisplaySets differently depending on their own priorities and preferences.

Note that this also means you don’t have to worry about what other Display Sets have been added to a standard record type such as Person or Organisation. If you create a new one as part of your own configuration, it will simply be added to the display next time the user views that record, and if they subsequently choose to re-order or re-size any Display Sets, its order and size will be saved with them.

If a DisplaySet is no longer applicable or is removed, any previously saved display order won’t ‘break’ – the DisplaySet no longer present will just be ignored quietly.

Hiding a Field

You can hide a Field permanently by leaving its SetName field blank. This might make sense if this is a calculated field used for background logic but that doesn’t make obvious sense to the user; or if you intend to make use of the field value in a template field or calculated field.

Alternatively, you can control when a Field is displayed by adding a calculation in its ShowCalc field. Specify the SetName and DisplayAfter fields as normal, but the field value will only be displayed on each record if its ShowCalc calculation evaluates to true.

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