Analyser View

The Analyser View is selected on the Record Selection page using the icon. It presents a Pivot Table with selectors available for any Category or Linked field. Also provided are selectors for any currency fields on the record type.

Example Pivot Table

  • Asset Location
  • Status
  • Owner
  • Cost
  • Asset Type
  • Asset Type Totals
    Security Pass
    Totals 1,149

    Users can drag and drop the selectors to the row or column headings, and/or drag one of the numeric fields to the top-left corner. If no numeric field is selected, then the number of records is shown instead.

    Clicking any of the numbers in the Pivot Table will result in the view changing to the List View with the Filter set to those records only. Clicking on the Grand Total will switch to the List View showing all the records.

    Next to each row or column name is a cross – selecting this will remove that value from the view by updating the Filter.

    When the user switches back to the Analyser View, the previous arrangement of rows and columns is retained.

    Note that, as a developer, you don’t need to do anything explicit to set-up the Analyser View. It will automatically become available on the select page of a Record Type as long as there is at least one Category or linked record field that can be used for analysis.

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