See Branding for a discussion of how to configure Pages as part of consistent branding of a module of functionality.

A Page is defined by adding a Page record, which contains the following fields:

Read/Write Fields

The following Fields can be Read and Written To. These Fields can be used to load data from Blueprints etc.
They can also be included referred to in Calculations or in Templates.

Field *requiredTitleTypeDetails
DisplayContextDisplay ContexttextThe context for which this Page is displayed.
Pages in Global context are used for Dashboards, Reports and information pages that are not specific to an individual Record or Record Type.
Pages in Record context are displayed for an individual Record of the specified Record Type.
Pages in RecordType context are displayed as a View within that RecordType’s view selector, and will typically contain information that relates to the RecordType and that dynamically updates as the RecordType filter is updated.
Permitted values: Global, Record, RecordType
RecordTypeNameRecord TyperecordtypeThe Record Type for which this Page displays e.g. Person / Organisation / a custom RecordType. Applies only for pages whose DisplayContext is Record or RecordType.
isDashboardDashboard Page?logicalSet if this page is a Dashboard that will contain one or more widgets. Select this to create a dashboard-like page where you fill its content with widgets such as Views, Lists, Charts etc. If this is selected, you will not need to explicitly create Html Content or a Template Script to populate this page.
isSnippetSnippet?logicalSet if this page record contains a template snippet that will be made available as a Widget on Dashboard pages. If so, this page will never be displayed on its own as a complete page, but will be available to users to add to any dashboard page for this page’s record type.
Name *TitletextThe document title, which appears on the cover and also becomes the file name. If left blank, the Page Name is used.
Maximum length – 250 characters
IconNameIconiconOptionally specify the icon which will be displayed in the Page header and in any links to this page.
ColourColourcolourColour is an optional HTML colour. It will be used as the colour of the page icon when displayed.
ParentPageParent PagePageOptional ParentPage – if selected, then This page will appear in the children menu of the Parent Page.
isHideChildrenMenuHide Children Menu?logicalSet this to hide the menu of any children of this page – you may choose to do this if you deliberately want/need a page with lots of children but do not need all the menu links taking up valuable space.
isCreateDocumentCreate PDF Document From Contents?logicalIf set, a PDF document can be created which contains the contents of this page and all of its children and descendants. The document can be generated and re-generated by any user who has Edit rights to this Page, known as the ‘Top Page’ of the document. The most recent version of the document is available to all with View rights to this page, as a link from this page or any of its descendants. Previous versions of the document are retained, and each re-generated document has the timestamp incorporated into its file name. This makes this facility ideal for use in generating internal training and compliance documents, retaining the links between the document content and other pages and records within your application.
isHomePageLinkShow Home Page LinklogicalSelect to create a link to this page on the Home Page. If you don’t do this, make sure that you are providing a link to this Page by another means. If this page is a child of another page, or it is has RecordType DisplayScope, then it can be reached anyway. Otherwise, if you don’t provide a link on the Home Page you’ll probably have to refer to it with a link built into another Page’s content.
HomePageSetNameHome Page Set NametextThis is the name of the Set in which the link to these records will be displayed in the Home Page. You will usually want this to be the same for a logical grouping of items that belong to the same ‘module’ of business functionality.
Maximum length – 30 characters
HomePageSetColourHome Page Set ColourcolourOptionally specify the colour of the Home Page Set, usually to the standard colour of your relevant ‘module’ of business functionality.
HomePageShowCalcHome PageShow CalcCalculationThis optional Calculation will determine whether the link to this Page is actually displayed on the Home Page. You can use this to provide more granular control over when links are displayed. For example, you might only want to display a link to a page after certain conditions have been set, perhaps completing set-up of some initial configuration settings.
DocumentTitleDocument Title (if different)textMaximum length – 250 characters
isShowTOCShow Table of ContentslogicalA Table Of Contents will be generated if this is set.
isLandscapeLandscape Format?logicalSet to have document generated in Landscape rather than Portrait format
HtmlContentContenthtmlThe content of the page, which may optionally contain calculations inserted using template syntax (inside braces {}). If a TemplateScript is also provided, the page will contain this content followed by the evaluation of the TemplateScript.
TemplateScriptTemplate ScripttemplatescriptThis script will be evaluated as a template and the resulting Html added to the page output following the HtmlContent (if any). Note that, in reality, both the HtmlContent and TemplateScript fields are evaluated as Template Scripts, but in practical terms, the HtmlContent field is set to be edited as Html, making it unsuitable for inserting script structure commands (such as IF, EACH, etc.) – in contrast, raw Html can, of course, be included in this TemplateScript but without the benefit of a full Html Editor to assist its editing.
SetNameDisplay Set NametextOptionally enter the Display Set heading under which this Page link should be displayed on the record’s main display page. If left blank, no link to this Page will be automatically shown on the record’s page, on the assumption that you will provide a link to it manually from a Dashboard Snippet.
Maximum length – 30 characters
DisplayAfterDisplayAftertextOptionally specify the name of the field after which this Page link should be displayed in the Display Set specified. Alternatively, enter top to have this Page link display as the first item in the Display Set.
Maximum length – 80 characters
FilterDisplay FilterfilterThis optional Filter allows for more specific control over when a link to this Page is offered on each record. The filter is evaluated against a record and the link to this Page will only be offered if the Filter passes.
isDontShowIfParentDon’t show if Parent Page shownlogicalNormally, if a Parent Page is shown on the record page, then you don’t want to include links to all the descendant pages as well. However, if this page is important enough to warrant its own link on the record page, even though it has a parent page, then uncheck this option.
isLockedlogicalLocked pages cannot be edited in the UI. This is typically set on dashboard-type pages in pre-configured applications to ensure that the logic therein cannot be accidentally broken by the users.
ViewGroupView GroupGroup 
EditGroupEdit GroupGroup 

Read-Only Fields

The following Fields can be Read only. They can be referred to in Calculations or in Templates.

CreatedByCreated ByPerson
UpdatedByUpdated ByPerson

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