Web Hooks

Read/Write Fields

The following Fields can be Read and Written To. These Fields can be used to load data from Blueprints etc.
They can also be included referred to in Calculations or in Templates.

Field *requiredTitleTypeDetails
Name *Webhook NametextMaximum length – 100 characters
URLURLurlThis is the full http/https URL that will be called. The value stored in this field will be evaluated as a template, so may contain calculations. Typically, this may be used to refer to persistent settings for part of the URL e.g. {getsetting(“WebHookRoot”)}webhook.php where the persistent setting WebHookRoot has already been set to a suitable value e.g. http://myapp.com/webhooks/
SourceData SourceDataSourceAn optional reference to a DataSource. This is a convenience to allow you to keep track of all WebHooks that are associated with a particular external application.
isEnabledEnabled?logicalWebHook calls are only allowed to this WebHook if this flag is set. If you are experiencing any problems with your WebHook, you should turn off this flag until the problem is fixed, ensuring that no further attempts are made to call the webhook url.

Read-Only Fields

The following Fields can be Read only. They can be referred to in Calculations or in Templates.

CreatedByCreated ByPerson
UpdatedByUpdated ByPerson

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