Map View

The Map View is selected on the Record Selection page using the icon. This presents a map showing all the records in the current filter, using the location identified from their Address field (their first field of type ‘location’). As the map is moved or zoomed in/out, the Filter is updated with the current range of location displayed within the confines of the map display.

Example Filter

Within area bounded by 51.49223,-0.15767 and 51.50639,-0.10523x


One of the key benefits of the Map View is that the filter on location is retained when the user switches to any other record selection view. It is therefore possible to use the Map View to select records within a geographical area, then switch to a view such as Analyser and do further analysis on just those records.

When the user switches back to the Map View, the previous zoom range will have been retained.

Multiple records close together on the map will be grouped, but as the map is zoomed in closer, each record shows separately and can be selected individually. Clicking on a record shows a bubble with its name and address – click on the name link to open up the record page.

Note that, as a developer, you don’t need to do anything explicit to set-up the Map View. It will automatically become available on the select page of a Record Type as long as there is at least one record containing an Address whose location has been successfully identified.

Address geo-location takes place automatically in the background. There will be a short delay between loading or updating a record’s Address or other location field, and it being ready for display (and location Filtering) on the Map View.

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