See Branding for a discussion of how to configure HomePageItems as part of consistent branding of a module of functionality.

An HomePageItem is created by adding an HomePageItem record, which contains the following fields:

Read/Write Fields

The following Fields can be Read and Written To. These Fields can be used to load data from Blueprints etc.
They can also be included referred to in Calculations or in Templates.

Field *requiredTitleTypeDetails
Name *NametextName of this HomePageItem – this is used to refer to this HomePageItem when triggering it from another HomePageItem. It is not visible to the user.
Maximum length – 60 characters
TitleTitletextThe title is the text displayed to the user on the home page or in the menu.
Maximum length – 80 characters
DescriptionInformation TiptextOptional detail text that appears as an information tip next to the Title.
Maximum length – 500 characters
SetNameDisplay Set NametextEnter the heading under which this HomePageItem should be displayed on the home page. Normally, you would group HomePageItems relating to a common set of functionality (‘module’) under a common heading.
Maximum length – 30 characters
SetIconNameSet IconiconSet IconName is an optional Icon that will be displayed alongside the SetName as part of the Set’s heading.
SetColourSet ColourcolourSet Colour is an optional HTML colour. It will be used as the colour of the group box under which this HomePageItem is displayed on the home page.
DisplayRecordTypeDisplay Record TyperecordtypeOptionally link to an existing record, the Add Record page or a View page. Enter the name of the Record Type.
  • To link to the default View for a RecordType, enter the RecordType name here and leave DisplayRecordName blank.
  • To link to adding a record, enter the RecordType name here and type add into DisplayRecordName.
  • To link to a named View, enter View here and type the View name into DisplayRecordName.
  • To link to any other record (such as a Page), enter its RecordType name here the record name into DisplayRecordName.
DisplayRecordNameDisplay Record NametextOptionally link to an existing record. Enter the name of a record of the type entered in DisplayRecordType. This will usually be a Page or View. OR enter ‘add’, then the link will go to the Add Record page for the DisplayRecordType, OR leave blank then the link will go to the Record Selection page for the DisplayRecordType
Maximum length – 255 characters
FormScriptForm Scriptformscript 
ActionScriptAction Scriptactionscript 
NextRouteNext RoutetextMaximum length – 100 characters
SequenceNameSequence NametextIf multiple HomePageItems are given the same SequenceName, then only one will be displayed at a time – the lowest SequenceOrder that satisfies the ShowCalc. By default, when that HomePageItem’s form is completed (and any associated ActionScript executed), then the next HomePageItem in the Sequence will be displayed (provided, of course, that it satisfies its ShowCalc if set).
Maximum length – 60 characters
SequenceOrderSequence Ordernumber 
ShowCalcShow CalcCalculationThis optional Calculation will determine whether this HomePageItem is offered to the current user.
isAdminOnlyAdmin Only?logical 
ViewGroupView GroupGroup 
EditGroupEdit GroupGroup 

Read-Only Fields

The following Fields can be Read only. They can be referred to in Calculations or in Templates.

CreatedByCreated ByPerson
UpdatedByUpdated ByPerson

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